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j_lyrics's Journal

Japanese Lyrics
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This is a community for japanese lyrics

here are the rules, READ THEM!

1.) only post lyrics in Japanese, meaning no romanji, no english translations. You can put in english the song, and who its by *or the anime* but the actual song lyrics must be in japanese. if there are lyrics posted in romanji or in english they will be deleted. you may however provide a link for a translation or romanji version of the lyrics, but this is for japanese lyrics only.
2.) any other posts need to be relevant to this community. if there's off topic stuff i wont be a nazi about it, but keep it somewhat limited. you can post anything else in lyrics, but the lyrics themselves must be in japanese.
3.) you may request if you want some lyrics to a particular japanese song *anime, jrock, jpop...whatever* but remember you'll be getting them in japanese. do not ask to have them translated.
3.) When posting lyrics, put a link to where you got them, or if you were the one that wrote the lyrics...*for example, if you got the lyrics from utamap, put a link for utamap*